Vanquish Guitars Biography

Based in his home town of Peterborough, England; Adrian Hardman's passion for guitar building was fired In 1999. He set himself the challenge of building himself the ultimate guitar - A set-neck guitar that didn't have to compromise design & build quality to deliver an instrument that felt, looked and sounded world-class.

It's this no-compromise approach that has always set Adrian apart from the competition and led him to officially forming Vanquish Guitars in 2007; each and every aspect of the build has been meticulously thought through, tested, prototyped and refined to deliver the mojo Vanquish customers have come to take for granted in their instruments today.

Adrian firmly subscribes to the old school way of building instruments, one at a time, lovingly & painstakingly crafted by him and him alone, he places great store in the bond that develops between the craftsman and his product and ultimately the customer for that instrument.

In a market place that is filled with quality Adrian is often asked about the features that set Vanquish instruments apart. At first glance you could easily jump to the usual parallels; however a closer inspection to the parts you can see and the parts you can't tell the true story.

Adrian's philosophy all the way back to 1999 was that the contact points between the woods used and the way string vibration is transferred from the instrument through to the pickups must be at their optimum level. Some of the key features include;

  • A neck join with a full wood to wood contact between the neck and the body for stability and tone transfer.

  • A headstock scarfed on to the neck in the direction of grain travel for maximum strength, stability.

  • Recessed hardware providing maximum comfort but also allowing strings to run completely parallel from headstock to bridge with an even path across both pickups.

  • Through body stringing allowing strings to anchor deep within the thick mahogany heart of the guitar once again creating that all important transference of vibration from string to pickup.

  • Master grade materials right down to the last switch tip and screw. Our tailpieces are uniquely designed and machined to our specification.

  • Each piece of wood and part used Adrian carefully selects them himself, we only use Master grade material as standard, why upcharge when the job should be done right first time.

  • For instruments featuring a carved top Vanquish guitars use full slabs not thin veneers. 17mm at it's thickest point.

We could wax on about what makes our instruments so great but the finest test is for you to be the judge, plug one of our guitars in and you will see why Vanquish guitars have won a string of awards including the coveted Guitarist Magazine "Choice" award and why artists like Pat McManus turn to Vanquish for their tone.